Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Hey guys. Sorry for the long absence. There was March Hols, and I needed the break badly. Sent 4 panties off too! Hope you guys are enjoying it, DS, ET and FJ. Oh and that girl who asked me for a pair too, KIL, I hope you enjoyed doing all that nasty stuff we chatted on Whatsapp about :) Wink Wink. Anyhow. I'll put up an entry ASAP k? I love all you guys. Already earned $300 plus from the sale of those 4 panties! I feel like the blog is shifting, but never mind. We'll get back to taking about my life soon, alright? keep the emails cumming ;) I try to reply as many, but in 2 days, I get like 300 and its so hard :) BUT I LIKE IT HARD :)