Saturday, 4 January 2014

Its been a while.

2.30 am. The silent hum of the ceiling fan and the almost noiseless whisper of the air conditioner try and keep me warm, but we both know they're fighting a losing battle. The room is dark save for the light emanating from the computer monitor as three guys simultaneously humiliate and worship a blonde; I feel hot as I imagine myself in that lucky girl's position. Sweat drips down my face as I pant heavily, exhausted at the extent of my own pleasure. My t shirt is soaked with the wetness of my own sweat. I'm on my swivel chair, my legs propped up, my thighs spread wide open. My shorts and panties are discarded on the floor, the inevitable result of hastily executed undressing. My legs are sticky and wet, the juices of my pleasure coating them. My fingers are tired and sore, but they carry upon them the taste of lust. My cunt drips away, red and tired from the pleasurable torture I just put it through. Fingering myself is the only way I know to relieve my boundless lust. Boys don't care about me, and I know deep inside of me that going deep inside me is the only way to make myself feel better. My eyes are glazed over, I'm too engrossed in the porn I'm watching. I' am a slut, I'm a whore and my lust for all things sexual disgusts me. But I turn myself on and that's the scariest part of it all.


Hey guys. I know its been a while. Last year I was completely busy with As. This year I've got a lot more time to play around with. I went on a couple of holidays, I spent like two months in North America, that's why I wasn't posting anything. I'm sorry for leaving you faithful readers hanging for so long. I'll do my best to make up for it.

So now that my Junior College education has ended, I sorta realised something. I don't have to worry about my reputation in school. I don't plan to meet most of the people from school ever again, if I can help it. And that gave me a very kinky idea.

"Heyyyyy Andrea!" I chirped, faking enthusiasm that I only truly held for her body, not for the stupid girl herself.

"Omg what Cheyenne, you actually know how to pick up the phone and call me?" she said in jest (but I'm pretty sure the bitch really did mean it I mean I've ignored her for the longest time and its only my sexual appetite that I wanted to ease.)

"Hahah no lah, I just wanted to ask if maybe you wanted to hang out and do something?" I said, in a suggestive tone that left much to the imagination.

She impressed me with what she said next.

"Hmm how about I come over to your place? Maybe we could do something there? Entertain ourselves?" I was certain she had a cheeky grin plastered on her nubile, knowing face. "Sure, come on over! I'll see you in a while" and then suddenly, the conversation was over, and my mind started racing with the possibilities of all the things Andrea and I could, nay would, get up to. I could feel my skin burning hot around my neck and face as my imagination sprinted away into the dirty unknown.

"Daddy! My friend is coming over in a while! Its okay right? We'll be in my room watching movies or something, we won't make noise!" I knew my dad would never normally agree to letting me have friends come over, so I had to use some visual stimuli to convince him to. I was wearing my Cotton On tank top, this one was a little bit too small for me so it showed off a bit of skin at my hips and gave a great view of whatever small amounts of cleavage I had. I knew my dad had a thing for lingerie so instead of going braless, I gambled on a pink bra that could be seen quite well under my cream coloured tank top. I paired that top half with tight short shorts. My rather firm butt cheeks were begging to be free of my shorts. Needless to say, I didn't wear any panties. It was quite the cameltoe.

Dad turned around from his table to see me standing infront of him, perky boobs, protruding ass and all. For a moment the air seemed to leave him and then he quickly regained his composure and blinked a few times. "Er yes sure sweety anything you want." He quickly turned around to face the computer and I knew then that he had an erection. A man wouldn't act this weird unless he's aroused by the sight of his daughter dressed like a slut. It was then that I decided, over the course of the next few months, with no school to go to, I would put my daddy through the most agonizingly pleasurable situations. I love him a lot, and I wanna do something for him for all that he's done for me as a single parent. Its the least I can do.


The doorbell rang and the chime sent a tingle down my spine. Andrea was here. 

"Hey cheyenne! How are you??" Andrea asked me as she hugged me when I opened the door for her. As she took a step back I noticed her giving me the once over and her for an instant she had a look on her face that was trying to say "why are you dressed like a slut?" but then in another instant it was gone, replaced by something more lustful. 

Andrea was wearing a blue tank top, and a black bra, the straps obviously too big to be covered by the tank top straps. She had tucked her tank top into a short black cotton skirt that ended mid thigh. Most JC girls seem to be having the same fashion ideas given their new found dressing freedom. Her cleavage sweat glistened in the light and I found that so very irresistible. All I could think of was how good that sweat might taste.  

"I'm fine Drea, do you want something to drink?" I asked, playing the gracious host. "yes please, its quite hot outside and my throat is really dry." 

"That's not the only thing I'm gonna hydrate today then" I thought to myself. 

Having quenched her thirst, she went to say hello to my dad and that probably put dad over the top. I could see him losing control quickly so I dragged Drea to my room and sure enough, daddy closed the door of his room. I sincerely hope he had the most amazing wank of his life, thinking about his daughter and her friend.