Saturday, 4 January 2014

Its been a while.

2.30 am. The silent hum of the ceiling fan and the almost noiseless whisper of the air conditioner try and keep me warm, but we both know they're fighting a losing battle. The room is dark save for the light emanating from the computer monitor as three guys simultaneously humiliate and worship a blonde; I feel hot as I imagine myself in that lucky girl's position. Sweat drips down my face as I pant heavily, exhausted at the extent of my own pleasure. My t shirt is soaked with the wetness of my own sweat. I'm on my swivel chair, my legs propped up, my thighs spread wide open. My shorts and panties are discarded on the floor, the inevitable result of hastily executed undressing. My legs are sticky and wet, the juices of my pleasure coating them. My fingers are tired and sore, but they carry upon them the taste of lust. My cunt drips away, red and tired from the pleasurable torture I just put it through. Fingering myself is the only way I know to relieve my boundless lust. Boys don't care about me, and I know deep inside of me that going deep inside me is the only way to make myself feel better. My eyes are glazed over, I'm too engrossed in the porn I'm watching. I' am a slut, I'm a whore and my lust for all things sexual disgusts me. But I turn myself on and that's the scariest part of it all.


Hey guys. I know its been a while. Last year I was completely busy with As. This year I've got a lot more time to play around with. I went on a couple of holidays, I spent like two months in North America, that's why I wasn't posting anything. I'm sorry for leaving you faithful readers hanging for so long. I'll do my best to make up for it.

So now that my Junior College education has ended, I sorta realised something. I don't have to worry about my reputation in school. I don't plan to meet most of the people from school ever again, if I can help it. And that gave me a very kinky idea.

"Heyyyyy Andrea!" I chirped, faking enthusiasm that I only truly held for her body, not for the stupid girl herself.

"Omg what Cheyenne, you actually know how to pick up the phone and call me?" she said in jest (but I'm pretty sure the bitch really did mean it I mean I've ignored her for the longest time and its only my sexual appetite that I wanted to ease.)

"Hahah no lah, I just wanted to ask if maybe you wanted to hang out and do something?" I said, in a suggestive tone that left much to the imagination.

She impressed me with what she said next.

"Hmm how about I come over to your place? Maybe we could do something there? Entertain ourselves?" I was certain she had a cheeky grin plastered on her nubile, knowing face. "Sure, come on over! I'll see you in a while" and then suddenly, the conversation was over, and my mind started racing with the possibilities of all the things Andrea and I could, nay would, get up to. I could feel my skin burning hot around my neck and face as my imagination sprinted away into the dirty unknown.

"Daddy! My friend is coming over in a while! Its okay right? We'll be in my room watching movies or something, we won't make noise!" I knew my dad would never normally agree to letting me have friends come over, so I had to use some visual stimuli to convince him to. I was wearing my Cotton On tank top, this one was a little bit too small for me so it showed off a bit of skin at my hips and gave a great view of whatever small amounts of cleavage I had. I knew my dad had a thing for lingerie so instead of going braless, I gambled on a pink bra that could be seen quite well under my cream coloured tank top. I paired that top half with tight short shorts. My rather firm butt cheeks were begging to be free of my shorts. Needless to say, I didn't wear any panties. It was quite the cameltoe.

Dad turned around from his table to see me standing infront of him, perky boobs, protruding ass and all. For a moment the air seemed to leave him and then he quickly regained his composure and blinked a few times. "Er yes sure sweety anything you want." He quickly turned around to face the computer and I knew then that he had an erection. A man wouldn't act this weird unless he's aroused by the sight of his daughter dressed like a slut. It was then that I decided, over the course of the next few months, with no school to go to, I would put my daddy through the most agonizingly pleasurable situations. I love him a lot, and I wanna do something for him for all that he's done for me as a single parent. Its the least I can do.


The doorbell rang and the chime sent a tingle down my spine. Andrea was here. 

"Hey cheyenne! How are you??" Andrea asked me as she hugged me when I opened the door for her. As she took a step back I noticed her giving me the once over and her for an instant she had a look on her face that was trying to say "why are you dressed like a slut?" but then in another instant it was gone, replaced by something more lustful. 

Andrea was wearing a blue tank top, and a black bra, the straps obviously too big to be covered by the tank top straps. She had tucked her tank top into a short black cotton skirt that ended mid thigh. Most JC girls seem to be having the same fashion ideas given their new found dressing freedom. Her cleavage sweat glistened in the light and I found that so very irresistible. All I could think of was how good that sweat might taste.  

"I'm fine Drea, do you want something to drink?" I asked, playing the gracious host. "yes please, its quite hot outside and my throat is really dry." 

"That's not the only thing I'm gonna hydrate today then" I thought to myself. 

Having quenched her thirst, she went to say hello to my dad and that probably put dad over the top. I could see him losing control quickly so I dragged Drea to my room and sure enough, daddy closed the door of his room. I sincerely hope he had the most amazing wank of his life, thinking about his daughter and her friend. 


  1. Omg u're back! Ur writing is so much better now! Can't wait for the nxt part of the story :)

  2. Haha forbidden teasing! How do you know what your dad likes?

  3. I'm the product of his sperm, I can read his body language so well :) I'm planning on doing a lot of things to do so if everything goes well I'll write about it!

  4. welcome back so are u working now ?
    or still in holiday n what ur plan for 2014

  5. Yeah I'm working, at a chocolate bar! Its quite small but it has a few branches, maybe if you're lucky, you might be the one I flirt with hahah

  6. Hello! ^^ Just happened to stumble upon your interesting blog, & love your stories, thinking of mailing you, but since you have thousands of email u might probably not have time for its as well, ok heres an interesting present for you if its not too long for the post. =)

  7. Just a story for you, from your point of view =)

    PART 1
    A gentle knock on the door, waking me up from the slumbers of a bright Saturday morning.

    As I struggle to wake, I toss and turn around in my bed, stretching in full view of my transparent singlet and my body from yesterday wrath.

    A sweet yet salty aroma of my juices filled me as i sniffed my blanket while still in bed, with stains from yesterday's multiple orgasms.

    Dad : `Cheyenne! UP! We are going to be late for our breakfast reservation, I want you up! !"

    Cheyenne: But it's a Saturday morning, can we just cancel it?

    Dad : No. I have planned this for weeks.
    Cheyenne: Please....
    Dad: Get ready, or ill make you.
    My body continue to laze and stretch on my bed as my mind started to ponder upon his last sentence. Though he meant it right, I couldn't help but think of it in the most skewed way.
    To fantasise about my deepest and most forbidden fetish, just got me excited.
    Slowly, my body grew out from the weakness and tiredness from yesterday's bout and my breathing intensified. I couldn't help but continue to think of my Dad in this way, though it's awfully wrong.

    My fingers began to reach deep down, as I started to touch the tip of my clitoris. It got wet real quickly and soon I started to put both my fingers into my vagina as they move in and out rapidly with ease.

    I started to imagine about my dad coming in accidentally and punishing me for my disobedience and laziness as he got impatient. In my imagination, he stumbled upon me masturbating and got a shock in his face. However, as he stand stumbled at the door, he continue to gaze all over my brazen body with no inch of cloth on it glittering in the morning sun from the sweaty orgasms I had. Shocked as well, I slowed fingering myself and stared at him as a mount rose beneath his pants. Seeing it as a positive sign, I continued to finger myself vigorously. Following up in this unreal world, he came over and stuff his dick into me as he mount me in the forward position as I lay my back against the bed. His fast and forceful action left me in disbelieve, as I watched his huge throbbing cock in myself. Feeling humiliated, I pushed forward a slight amount of resistance. However, it was fruitless against my dad's enormous strength and my gentle moans and cry of help yielded to no avail. The feeling of slight digust and disbelief was slowly overwhelmed by waves of pleasure as he continue plummering deep inside me. I stared at him and his expression when fucking me, yet the feeling of pleasure, tiredness and forbiddeness overwhelms me as i climaxed.

    Imagining such a scenario got me on a new high as I lay half covered by my blanket, fingers inside myself fingering vigorously to another climax. The excitement from such a scenario brought me to a new climax and i accidentally let out a louder moan than usual and fell back into my bed, panting slowly, with much juices dripping down my legs onto the bed making a huge mess of my love juices.


    PART 2

  8. PART 2

    Then, thinking that everything was finished while keeping this exciting scenario at the back of my head for "future uses", I wanted to start washing up soon for our breakfast out.

    Then my dad knocked again.

    This time the door accidentally bolted open, as I have forgotten to locked the door.

    Immediately, i retracted my fingers away from my vagina, and tried to sit up.

    However, unknown to me he did catch a glimpse of me in a suggestive body position, though with my blanket covering my lowering body exposing nothing else.

    Dad : why are you still in bed?

    Cheyenne : So sorry i will get ready in a minute.

    Deep down I know my caring dad, would not punished me, but i cant help to place my fingers back down under my blanket and fingering the edges of my hole as he stands there talking to me just like pictured in my most absurd imagination.

    Sitting half naked with only a blanket between me and my dad turned me on much.

    Since I was excited and dazing out a little and back. I expected my dad to raise his voice again to me. However, I suddenly noticed him staring at my pink lacy bra against my soft skin in my singlet top, which revealed a little meat. Possibly due to the suggestive position he saw coupled with this scene made him imagine too much into it. This few months of teasing might have also proven too much to him.
    Unknowing to him, I gaze at his crotch grow a bulge in his pants.
    Suddenly, our gazes met and he looked away shyly, not knowing about how dirty i am and what i am already doing underneath the blanket.
    Dad: er.. ok i better get out while u get changed.

    I knew my dad was a gentle man and knew his limits no matter how the situation might force him not to.
    Filed with desires, i said something that i wouldn't normally say.
    Cheyenne: Dad, what's with the bulge on your pants.

    He suddenly turned around speechless, embarrassed and trying to push and hide his erection back.
    Dad: ..Er.. Nothing , ok u better get changed

    He continued to gaze at my skin in the sunlight in the pink bra for a moment, and tried again to leave my room. Knewing I had to do something drastic to stop him from going away and making this real, I let out a loud yawn, as I stretch my whole body kicking away the blanket to the floor, revealing my half naked body in his oversized singlet.

    Then his gaze glanced upon the full view of my lower body in the sunlight, tilted to the side, with a little bit of sweat from the previous galore.

    Dad : er why u no where panties when you sleep?

    Cheyenne: o feel better ma.

    As i open my legs slightly to tease him, he stoned totally at the this scene. His beautiful beloved daughter's body stretching in front of him half exposed in the sunlight. He didnt moved abit, and i nearly giggled.

    This time i gaze at his enormous mounting bulge beneath his pants and i knew i had to tease him again.

    Cheyenne: Dad the bulge beneath your pants is getting bigger!
    Dad: Er.. (pause) .. o this one is erection, normal one for guys la, you should know.

    Cheyenne: eeyer, can i see?

    Too much teasing, and too much view, it seemed like my dad can't control any further and he moved forward towards me on the bed.

    PART 3

  9. PART 3

    Knowing he can't control further, and the reality that this will become real, I got so excited, my pussy became wet even without touching it. My heartbeat quickened, I pant gently, trying to swallow some saliva, while my dad moves towards a half-naked me with his huge erected bulge facing me.

    The sunlight was bright and I can even see a little sticky precum on the tip of his dick, my wet pussy had already soaked the patch beneath me, unknowing to him. Seeing the impending game, yet still wanted to remain as the daughter he always knew, I decided to play along, not wanting to go all the way yet, despite my strong surging inner desires.

    Dad : this is a guys dick erected, you never see before right?

    Deep down I knew i had watched countless of porn, but i have not seen a real life dick, and less than could imagine it's my dad's dick. I continue to decide to act blur, and continue to lead my dad on as "the innocent daughter". Knowing that lust have already completely filled my dad, and he couldn't control his other side any more, I decided that would get laid by my dad today, and he will lead me on as well.

    Cheyenne: How come got sticky stuff at the tip

    Dad: O its semen, sperm, what guys eject when having sex, or masturbating.

    Cheyenne: O how do guys masturbate? and how to have sex.

    Dad: Er.. sex, i tell u next time ba, but masturbate just shake the penis lo

    My dad stood in front of me appearing tall, as i sat in my bed half naked looking at him demonstrating how to masturbate.

    Cheyenne: Can i try?

    Without hesitation i grab his dick and took over, feeling his large erected and hard dick in front of me, I very shake it gently with my smaller hands, in admiration as his dick stood in front of me, as it seemed larger than in my imagination. I look carefully at my own father erected dick the sticky tip, edges of the penis and his balls.

    In the bright morning light, I started off with a slow pace "acting inexperience" and slowly quickened up the pace. As I stretch his foreskin up and down sliding it along his rod, I look up at him. His lustful eyes stares at my body and the lacy lingerie as well as my exposed bottom and pussy. I have never seen such an expression on his face before of pleasure and lust and guiltiness, as I never knew and saw the sexual part of my dad in action. A little disbelief and alot of desire and lust fills me as i gaze at his expression wanking of his own daughter.

    Suddenly, his penis throbbed harder and a load of white material landed on my face. It was sticky white and flowing down my cheeks. Trying to wipe it off some of it went into my lips, and i savored the taste of the saltiness of his sperm.

    Dad: Sorry I didnt meant to cum at your face.

    Deciding to bring it to another level I asked him another question.

    Cheyenne: Its ok, its alil weird at first, salty yet, taste interesting.
    Cheyenne: Can i try more of it?

    As i let out a cheeky smile

    Cheyenne: Is there anyway to make a guy erect faster and more excited.?

    Part 4

  10. Part 4

    Hearing such suggestive words from her own daughter turned him on again, as his enormous dick begain to erect again slowly. He told me to take my clothes off as its more exciting for him and i began sucking on his throbbing dick. Shiny and slippery his long erected dick appears in the morning sun, as i began sucking it off.

    As he began to look down at me with desire, I started by using my small tongue to lick his tip of his penis with precum, making him moan in pleasure. To be honest i have never seen my dad sexual side and his moaning turned me on further sexually. I began to circle my mouth and lips around the sides and corners of the tip which is another of his sensitive part. Then i finished by continue to throat him down as i savor the mixed salty taste of his semen and precum as the pungent yet aromatic smell of sperm filled my nose as well. Lastly, he reached orgasm and shoot a load into my mouth. I played with it awhile savoring the taste of my father's own sperm and showing it to him before i swallowed.

    I layed backwards fully naked and stretching in the morning sun, exposing every bare naked part to his view...

    Knowing that it is his point of no return, he gaze slowly and dazingly at my slightly sweating body stretching in the morning sun. Then this was the point he decided to go all the way.

    As I lay bare naked on my white bedsheet, he crawled upon my bed and started to gaze lustfully with desire at his young daughter's nubile body.

    I gaze at him, " a dad" i never knew exploring and glorifying my body. Slowly he moved onto my body, first sucking my hardened nipples with a perky tit and using his tongue to circle the tips of my nipple. I let out a small moan , and the moaning of his own daughter turned my dad on further, as i could see his enormous erection again. Slowly he kissed my neck, carrassed my hair, and proceeded downwards, licking and kissing every bit and part of my body as i lay panting in excitement. He kissed an licked circlign my inner thigh but teasing me refusing to kiss my crucial part which was already throbbing inside and on fire. Lastly, he licked the top clitorias , with all my juices coming out, and slowly he placed his tongue inside me. The thought of licking his own daughter's pre-cum and the taste of it must have turned it on further, as his tongue vigorously moved in and out of me. It was the first time i had a tongue inside of me and it feels much different from a finger, yet the pure thought of climaxing to a tongue inside me and the thought of the tongue being to me dad climaxed me further. I released a load of my juices as a daughter into his mouth as he tried to suck me dry.


    Part 5

  11. Part 5

    Still tired from my yesterday endeavours and the current orgasm, my dad decided to give me no rest. He started to put two of his fingers inside me and i have never imagined being fingered by my dad. It gave me much pleasure as my dad's large fingers which was always used in our daily lives to cook me breakfast fetch me to work, and to work is in such a sexual position fingering me. Experienced, he quickend his fingering pace as both of his large fingers moved in and out of my small hole, his fingers curled alil pulling back and rubbing my g spot as his fingers moved in and out of me. With his continuous licking at the top of my clitoris, his fingers moving furiously in and out of me and lustful look on my dad's face staring at my body, i hit another orgasm.

    My body shot another load of daughter juices in his face as he suck all of it from my pussy. Thinking it was a rest, I was shocked as he continued to finger and lick me even with more vigor. This time the tiredness overwhelms me, and i felt like moving away from him. However, his fingers continues to violate me and move in and out of me as he continued licking me. Tired and wanting to rest, i resisted him alil but to no avail. Slowly, the feeling of tiredness inside me blended with sexual desire as i watch my own father forcing myself her daughter to orgasm again and again. Slowly he kissed me while still fingering me letting me have a taste of my own juice as well as my own father's saliva. This brought me to another climax as the tiredness mixed with sexual desires as well as the suffocating kiss from my dad, as his tongue circled mine.

    After multiple orgasm, tiredness yet forced again and again, he decided to stop and move onto the main menu.

    Part 6

  12. Part 6

    Now i gaze at his throbbing dick sticky and messy with precum.

    My room now filled a stench of orgasmic smell of my dad's semen and my own juice, as i lay tired on my bed with my back, and looking at him kneeling in front of my bottom and i knew what was coming.

    Slowly he placed his enormous dick inside me, as he very slowly entered me i let out a small moan and cry of pleasure. His enormous dick felt tight inside me much tighter than his or my finger and the corners of his dick tickled my g spot as he move in and out of me.

    I stared at him in disbelief as my own father's dick is deep inside me with both our juices mixing. We are a daughter and father yet we exposing each of our private parts and fucking each other in a very wrong way. The same though that interest/disgust me starts to fill me with even more excitement as the very thought of sinfulness mixed with much pleasure as i look carefully at my father's dick entering in and out of me. We both climaxed and let out a loud moan into the house since there was no one around.

    Part 7

  13. Part 7

    Now we decided to adopt another position as he turned me to the side. Now im facing the bed as my bottoms and pussy is in full view of his dick. This time with no mercy, since we are both lubricated by our juices he plunge into me as we adopt a doggy position in the bright morning sun. While my father's dick is moving in and out of me, his fingers went to fondle and circle the tip of my hardened nipples as he proceeded to came down and hug we while we were still in doggy style. He smelled my hair as my father let out gentle and sexual moans at my ear close enough for me to hear. The very idea of my own father moaning sexually in my ear while penetrating me and fondling my breast almost led me to another orgasm.

    However, this was not over, as he lifted my body upwards in a upskirt doggy position as he continue to pentrate me with his dick and fondle my breasts. I now had a clear view of my dad's lustful expression, his hands fondling my breast and his dick penetrating me from behind.

    As my dad was much stronger than me he pulled me over in the same position and we were standing and still fucking in an upskirt doggy position. The very sight of my own father fucking me in this position while fondling my small yet perky tits and penetrating me excites me even further.
    Now both our love juices is dripping along my thigh and his onto the floor. Thinking it's the end before i climaxed, my dad pushed me as we fucked with the upskirt doggy position with him fondling my breast out of my room into the living room.

    The idea of fucking and having forbidden activites with my own father in the public, our own living room, where we usually have our normal non-sexual activities turned me on as i leaked more juices onto my own father's dick.

    He went in more vigorously with no mercy as he pushed me onto a wall as he fondled my breast at the same time. Lastly, he lifted one of my leg up in an exciting yet awakward position while continue to do the same. This last view and exciting position in my living room with my own father climaxed me as i can now see clearly his dick deep inside of myself. I sat on the floor dirty and messy with him, and we proceeded to clean up.

    After cleanup,

    Dad: I hope to see you in your JC uniform one day! =P

  14. Hope u like the story and it fulfilled most of your deepest fetishes, =)

    From Cute Guy 23 .
    Local U
    Above Av
    Sheltered and horny as well,
    But cant reveal too much of my personal =)

  15. The next day, I wore my old jc uniform without any panties on and decided to tease him. Since we both are not embarrassed about it anymore, i decided to show him what i always have been a naughty dirty daughter. I grabbed him by his dick and started to give him a handjob till he is erected. The sight of his daughter in her school uniform pretty much turned it on as he might probably had much desires about me since i was in school. To make things more exciting, i asked my dad to lay on the strong and sturdy dining table where we usually have our food. Immediately, i mounted him with my uniform still on. I lifted my skirt for full view with my panties dangling at the side for the mood, i also shaved earlier to show him my bald and naked pussy.
    Then while riding my own father i look, into his eyes, as our gaze met. In his eyes was disbelief about how sexual his own daughter was now forcing his own father on having sex riding him in her school uniform. The old obedient Cheyenne was gone and now riding him vigorously. As my father's huge dick was moving in and out of me while i was riding him, this excitement from his expression and doing it in the public living room table turned me so on i leaked much juice in a juicy mess with him. However, as i have multiple orgasms, i continued to ride my dad with his same expression looking at me as i forced and fuck my father dry. It looks cute as i drain my father dry and he look a little tired while i am still riding me , showing both pleasure and disbelief and tiredness.

    Lastly we ended off when im tired enough from forcing my own dad and we proceeded to wash up.

  16. Sry for the vocab n grammar. Kinda did it on the spot and impromptu draft =). Hope 2 hear from you soon!
    Anw good luck and all the best for work and future sch since u have just finished ur Alvls! ^^

  17. More JC stories!!!! Can't believe These things happen in JCs. You've opened up my mind

  18. Yes, more stories please! I particularly enjoy reading about your moments of self pleasure, so hot! I was alone in the office when I stumbled upon this blog and it made me so hot and bothered that I couldn't control myself from touching my throbbing cock. I can't believe how horny I became and eventually exposed myself under the table until I blew a huge load. Thank you for the intense orgasm, Cheyenne. =)

  19. hey, i have been following your blog for a while now and i just like to let you know that i am glad that i have joined the blogging community!

  20. just another guy21 July 2014 at 07:35

    would love to meet u one day if had the chance. hope to get to know u more

  21. Wow,so you're really are a horny slut?

  22. Hey there, are your panties still for sale? I'm uh interested ;)