Sunday, 5 May 2013

introducing andrea tay

So like I said, lets allow the cousin storyline to drop for a while. Anyway. School has been so interesting. There's this girl, Andrea. She's openly bisexual. And she's been getting very close to me, literally and whatever the other meanings imply.
It all started in a GP class. We were working on this really tough article for our review session. It was quite difficult and if you guys have followed my blog you'd realize that my English isn't half bad. Andrea sits next to me in class. All of us are decided into pairs by the way. We took the corner desks with no one behind us. Quite cost to be honest. Anyway, we were reading the article and she was asking me the meanings for quite a few words. You know me don't you, why would I do something without having a bit of fun?
"yes Andrea what is it?"
"Cheyenne your English so good right, what's the meaning of metaphysical?"
I was explaining to her the meaning and I made sure I was right next to her. Like we were touching and we were so close to each other. I could feel her warm smooth skin and I was actually quite cold. "omg Andrea if I tell you the meaning will you help me I'm so cold, can you just help me turn the air con down?"
My nipples were so hard at this point, that's how cold the classrooms get.
"huh no need la, come I hug you, you'll feel warm!" I couldn't believe my luck. Next thing I knew Andrea had wrapped her right arm around my shoulders and my head was resting on her shoulder as we carried on reading. Now I should probably describe Andrea to you. She's 17 too, and she has really smooth curly hair that's quite auburn in colour. Like naturally. We can't dye hair in school remember. Her hair falls down to her chest level so I imagine when she's naked her hair must be just about long enough to cover her breasts. Speaking of breasts, she's a B cup, like a solid B. I know you guys like the big ol' boobies but I somehow find B cups the ideal size. The girls in my class with C cups always complain about how tiring it gets to run during PE with boobs that size. My own smaller B cups couldn't match up to Andrea though. More that anything, she's a gymnast, doing the ribbons. She's so fit and her ass is really quite tight, I have to admit. She can do a full split and when she lap danced one of the other girls during our school camp, I got quite turned on, her perky ass and curves and her boobs can turn any straight girl, I imagine. So yeah. Anyway. My head was resting on the crook lf her neck and I could smell her so well. She has a policy of never wearing perfume. She didn't need to. Her natural smell was quite fruity. One can only imagine how nice her panties would smell. ;) Being the faster reader I finished the article first and I thought I'd take a slight bit of shut eye. I closed my eyes and snuggled closer onto her and I could feel her body respond. She noticed me cuddling in, and if she knew what I was up to, then she worked really well to hide it from me. I could, however note the subtle changes. She warmed up, angled her body in a more inviting posture and placed her left arm around my  torso, just in between my boobs and my stomach. It felt electric but not erotic. I don't know why.
After ten minutes of me pretending to be asleep but actually just making sure I was in position I made the move. I tossed and turned and have Andrea my best sleepy face. "Andrea, can I just lie down on you I'm so sleepy, and we still have that H2 Math thing later."
"of course no problem" she said with a bit too much enthusiasm than was socially acceptable. She quickly cleared a quick space and I soon found myself lying on her lap, curled up in a fetal position. Her left hand played with my hair and her right hand lay lightly on my waist, playing with my skirt's waistband. Time to have some fun. Slowly, I started wriggling, twisting, moving anything go get my head to dig into her vagina. She felt it.
Slowly, her hand moved from my waist to my stomach, and then when she made sure that I was asleep (I wasn't) she moved her hand to my chest. Andrea Tay's hand was now on my right boob. I started feeling a shifting in my inner thighs. Squeezing my legs together, I found myself getting moist. My nipples were hardened to rock now and I was wearing the same panties as yesterday, so that they'd get really wet before I mailed it to the guy who bought it from me. (side note, this is the story of the panties you bought from me, KY ;) I hope you're enjoying it. If anyone else wants to buy, just mail me)
So there I was. On her lap, her hand on my boob, getting wet and hard. Slowly, I reached out and touched her right hand and put my fingers in between hers. I clutched her hand and mine which were intertwined, to my chest. Now her hands were on both my boobs. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her eyes shift and stare at me, puzzled, but clearly turned on by what was going on.


  1. Welcome back! Hope your schooling life will be more interesting from now....

  2. oh my your friend will be arouse by you Haha ! enjoy your schoo llife ;D

  3. Finally some hot kinky stuff back in action! Missed you! Not only me but my small head too ;)

  4. I'm glad I continued checking your blog. I love your tales and how much more daring you've become since starting the blog!

  5. Finally. Something hot and heavy.

  6. How come so long never update with new stories? I e-mailed u, abt 2 months back but u didn't reply. Y?

  7. Juicy stories you have thereee. Check out my blog too @ and we can exchange some pointers eh? Love, Crystal.

  8. You are such a slut