Saturday, 6 June 2015


I was throbbing and dripping and generally making a mess thanks to the boy slurping away at my cunt. I couldn't believe how good he was without ever taking his eyes off of mine. And then he lifted himself off and it was over, but only just. Before I knew it he had hoisted himself onto me and our noses touched. His chest pressed down on my breasts, my nipples standing at attention. He was slightly taller than me so I spread myself and he adjusted himself in between my legs. His stiff cock rested lightly on my wet pink vagina and there was electricity on that bed, I could feel it. I wrapped my arms around his back and ran my hands up and down that muscly back. He stared intensely into my eyes, his hazel brown burning into my electric blue contact lenses. Slowly, steadily, without breaking my line of sight, he leaned down and we both closed our eyes and there it was. It started simply. Polite, almost gentle. His soft lips, and mine. As I stroked his hair and my fingers danced on his back, he let a soft moan out and pushed deeper into my mouth. Our tongues were intertwined and in a furious dance and through all this I hadn't realized that he was slowly penetrating my leaking pussy. I couldn't bother to play games anymore, and I tightened my vagina around his stiff, thick cock. Deciding to put my legs to good use, I wrapped them around his thighs and took him in deeper. Involuntary moans escaped me, my eyes rolling back in pleasure. It's difficult to describe a nice cock thrusting slowly but fully into a wet, warm, tight vagina but it was about 23 times more pleasurable than anything I've ever done by myself in front of a computer playing porn videos. He continued thrusting into me and slowly we stopped kissing. Partly to concentrate on getting fucked, but mostly so I could push his head down to my tits. He knew what I wanted though, and he expertly took my left breast in his hand and lowered his lips onto my nipple. The cheeky bastard looked up at me, almost inquisitively and I nodded silently, not able to hold on any longer. In one swift motion he clamped his teeth on my nipple and I truly exploded. I sucked his cock into my vagina, squeaked in pain and dug my nails into his back in pleasure. The feeling was indescribable. Literally, none of my words will do justice to that simplest of acts but oh my god I grew more and more moist with every stroke. He responded in kind, by pumping away harder and harder. I had an idea.

Pushing him off, I flipped him on his back and he had a look of surprise in his eyes, which was almost instantly replaced with a mischievous glint. Wordlessly, but with a smile playing on my lips, I climbed on him and slowly lowered myself onto his dick. Every inch that passed into me made me moan a little louder until finally, he was in me, cock, shaft and all. His right hand came up to my left breast and clenched it, massaging it, his fingers running over my nipples. It was time for the rodeo.

Slowly I gyrated my hips, while simultaneously lifting myself ever so slightly and then lowering. As I rode him, he moaned and closed his eyes. I was enjoying myself too much to close my eyes and that was when I spotted my phone lying near the pile of clothes near us. Reaching over for it, I quickly navigated to the camera app and switched to video mode. He opened his eyes and asked, "what's going on baby?" and I didn't answer. I handed him the phone and proceeded to immediately ride him harder than ever and he knew what I wanted him to do. Raising the phone up, he started filming me riding him. Suddenly I felt hotter than ever. Something about being fucked while a camera was rolling, was making me feel sexier than ever. Possessed with something I can't quite put my finger on, I rode him and pumped away at his cock, while I reached behind me and started fondling his balls.

I could hear his grunts getting closer and closer, and I tightened and bounced on his cock faster and faster until he cried out, "baby I'm gonna cum babyyyy" and I knew we had to act quickly. I climbed off and he stood up, next to the bed. I quickly dropped to my knees and started to reach for his cock with my hand when he shook his head and said, "no hands Cheyenne." He adjusted his hands so that the phone was filming me on my knees, from his point of view.

Opening my mouth obediently, I took him in me. My tongue circled his head and I sucked on his stiff dripping cock, tasting my own cunt juices. I spat on his cock and licked him up and down, and when I took a moment to look up at him, he smiled and spat on my open mouth. I took his balls and licked his thighs and before long he had to blow. Reaching down, I started playing with my clit and I could feel myself nearing the end of the line. With my right hand pumping his cock and my left hand fingering my vagina, our moans were synced and then it happened. I felt the spasms building in my loins and I started cumming right there on my knees. My legs buckled, my eyes closed and I moaned loudly and he took his cue and I felt his cock preparing, for just a second, before he unloaded his balls on my face. Rope after glorious salty rope of cum, my eyes closed and drenched, as I tried to slurp up what I could. I took his cock in my mouth and still as my cunt leaked, I sucked every last drop out of him. When I was finished, my eyes were still closed, thanks to the cum on my face, and I heard him move away. "Where are... where are you going?" I called out, but he didn't reply. I could hear clothes being put on, and I reached around for something to wipe the cum out of my eyes. Groping around blindly, I found a piece of cloth and used it to wipe my face off. Turns out I'd gotten my hands on my panties.

I cleared my eyes and looked up and I saw him putting on his shirt. He was obviously trying to avoid me and I got up and when I approached him, he moved away. I was shocked. I was balancing on your balls and you just emptied them on my face, and now you're avoiding me? "What's going on?" I tried to keep my voice strong because I did not want to betray the tinge of sadness I was feeling and he turned and looked at me. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come here. It was my mistake, and its not your fault but I'm sorry. I have a girlfriend. I don't know why I did this, Cheyenne, I'm sorry." With that he spun around and he was out of the door and my house before I could say anything.

I was overcome with shock. What kinda guy who has a girlfriend picks up a random girl at a Starbucks and fucks her and cums on her face and then fucks off like a little pussy? And truth be told the scary part was that I loved it. I loved being a secret pleasure, a guilty indulgence. I loved the fact that I was slutty enough to make him all hot and horny and bothered. I loved the fact that he chose to fuck me, over his girlfriend. I needed to find this boy again. But how the fuck would I do that when I didn't even know his name?


After showering and clearing my room up, I sat on my bed and reached for my phone. I unlocked it and found it opened up to a whatsapp chat. It was a video, sent to a random number. Panic overtook me. I played the video and it was what I thought it would be. There I was on my knees, gagging on a cock and fondling a pair of balls, and then fingering myself. And he'd sent it to a number that I did not have. I checked the number and the profile picture and... wow.

He'd sent the video to himself. He wanted to jack off, to the sight of me sucking his cock and taking his load all over my face. God that made me feel so hot.


  1. What a slut you are....

  2. Hmm. Voraciously hungry.

  3. Nice to see you back to write your blog again =)
    Hope to chat with u soon!

  4. Hi there. Mind chatting? Enjoy your blogged!