Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Chamber of Secrets, 2E3

Before we get to my experiences in the past year there is a story I'd like to share with all of you. It took place towards the end of my junior college life when we were in full A Levels mood. Its not a story for everyone so if at any point you feel uncomfortable, please stop reading! It has taken me a while to think about this particular memory and for the longest time I was very conflicted with it and with myself but lately, I have been thinking of it in an erotic, almost sensual fashion and I would quite like to relive the events of that fateful night. So please, put your hands in your pants/panties and get ready ;)

As we all know, A Levels crunch time is when most JCs open up the campus till late for night study sessions. Most of these sessions take place in the school library under the watchful eye of a resident tutor. However, like most things in JC, its really not that hard to wander off to some other more isolated place in the campus to study. No one keeps track of your whereabouts anyway. The library, naturally, is expected to be shrouded in total silence for the duration of the night study session but if you’re anything like me you would want some noise to break the monotony of studying. Little did I know how deeply, strongly and painfully that monotony would be broken.

Valerie was my classmate. In face we’d been classmates and best friends since Primary 5, when we both hated each other because we both liked the same cute boy and wanted to sit with him in class. Things came to a head when I pushed her and she got up and pulled my hair and then we both got into trouble with our teacher who saw our little cat fight and quickly put an end to things. The cute guy meanwhile, sat with another girl and ignored both Valerie and myself, thereby cementing our friendship, bonded by the unbreakable adhesive that was adolescent fuckboyness. We’d been to the same secondary school, held each other’s hair while puking into a grimy club toilet, cried into each other’s shoulder over heartbreak and forlorn love and at one party, even kissed each other over a dare. Nothing sexual of course, we were genuinely best friends.

So it came to be that Valerie and myself stayed back in school every single day during the latter part of J2, ostensibly to study for As but most of the time we listened to music and gossiped about boys. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the times Val and I spent together in that room but if anything, the events of that September night will forever be etched in my mind.

As we snuck out of the library and quietly made our way to the confines of Block C, the furthest block from the library, thereby guaranteed to be virtually untouched by adult interference, we heard someone call out from the canteen.

“Oi Val! Where are you going?” We froze. I could’ve sworn the tutor was still prowling about the library, looking for food and drinks sunck in. Was there, by some freak of nature another teacher? Slowly, we turned, resigned to our fates, preparing ourselves for a scolding. There stood, not a tutor, but Haikal, Valerie’s History classmate.

“Fuck you la, you scared us! We thought there was another tutor or something. You asshole,” Valerie said, the relief quite palpable in her voice.

“What the fuck sorry I didn’t know you two were sneaking out somewhere. Where are you going? Actually… hang on a minute; y’all do this every night right? That’s why I don’t see you in the library when we’re leaving!” Haikal had a look on his face that can be best described as the look a five year old gets when he figures out that Blue from Blues’ Clues isn’t a real dog.

“Ya la good job Sherlock, now shut up and come with us or leave us alone,” Val said before turning on her heels and walking down the corridor. I turned to follow and Haikal followed us.

“So where do y’all normally go?”

“Block C, we always study there. 2E3 has a broken lock”

“Wah steady la you two. Can I join yall to study?” I suppose I should describe him at this point. Haikal was 180 cm, he was a bit chubby and decent to look at. I think he was dating one of our juniors, a rather short and cute girl, Sintia.

“Ya sure, but why are you alone? I thought you always studied with your guys?” Valerie asked.

“Nah, two of them didn’t stay back and the other one is with his girl la so awkward,” he laughed, sheepishly.

I gave him a warm smile that I hoped was welcoming. “Okay fine you can come study with us, we’ll adopt you since nobody wants you,” I joked.

“Thanks!” he winked, in a rather pleasant way.

Spoiler alert: He didn’t have anything pleasant in mind at all.

We had reached the fourth floor of the Block C, 2E3 was the last classroom on the corridor, the furthest from the staircase. Val and I stepped up to the doors and together, pushed firmly and the busted lock gave way. Turning on the lights and fans, I went to plug my phone into the class AV system to get some music going. Valerie and Haikal got their books out and pretty soon we were all engrossed in our ten year series papers.

An hour or so had passed and Valerie looked up at me, our gossip session about to take flight.

“Did you hear about Nicole? She finally dumped that loser guy from ACS,” it was kind of clear that Valerie had been bursting to share this piece of gossip all evening and we dived together into a vat of fresh gossip.

Suddenly, Valerie’s phone started ringing. She frowned as she looked at the screen. “Why is my mum calling me at this time…” As she picked up her call, I could tell something was up. Her face went through a myriad of emotions and as she hung up she had a look of sadness, as if something she had been expecting to happen for a while had finally happened. She said nothing but stared at her book, not reading either. Her eyes had glazed over. I walked over to her table and put my hand on her back.

“Babe, what’s wrong? You can tell me eh.” Valerie looked up at me.

“Its my grandma. I think she’s… not going to make it, Chey” Tears welled up in her eyes. Valerie’s grandmother had been in the hospital for a few weeks now, her situation not improving at all. Most of her family had resigned themselves to the fact that it was going to happen sooner rather than later.

“Oh babe… I’m so sorry!” I said, pulling her close and giving her what I hoped would be a warm and reassuring hug. Heaven knows she needed one.

Valerie smiled, a shaky, tear stained smile. “Thanks babe, you’re so sweet. I have to leave now, I’m going to cab to the hospital. I’ll let you know… know what happens.” Hastily gathering her things, she turned to leave the classroom, before pausing and looking back at Haikal.

“You better take care of Chey ah, if not tomorrow I’ll kill you,” Haikal smiled sheepishly and said he would. Waving, Valerie walked out of the class and that’s how I found myself alone with Haikal at 9.30 at night, in the confines of 2E3.


I tried clearing my mind of Valerie's predicament and kept my head down and tried to keep studying. Something didn't feel right. Looking up and I noticed that Haikal, who was sitting next to me, had been staring at me, or more specifically, my body. I was wearing a black bra and my blouse was a little tight so I'm pretty sure he had been staring at the curve of my boobs.

"What are you looking at?" I asked, feigning innocence.

"Nothing haha, just daydreaming" he said, fooling absolutely nobody.

Time for some fun, I thought to myself. Turning my body, I sat facing him and sat upright in my seat. My blouse tightened around my breasts and I crossed my legs, letting my skirt ride up to mid thigh.

Haikal had a visibly stressed look on his face. I didn't want to push it any further so I turned back to my books. But Haikal wasn't done. He stood up and walked over to me. Standing next to my table, I looked up at him, inquiringly.

"Cheyenne... I have always thought you were really chio actually and I can't help myself... I just need to say this" he was perspiring, his voice breaking in nervousness.

"Erm Haikal that's... nice? But like don't you have a girlfriend, you shouldn't be doing this eh" I tried to give him a way out of this predicament he had created for himself.

Suddenly, he changed. His demeanor, his body language. He had gotten over his fear. He had a look of purpose on his face. He put his hand on my shoulder and gripped it, hard. 

"I don't care about that. All I know is I have wanted to fuck you since the day I first saw you, hanging out with Val. I don't give a fuck about anything else. I want you now. Are you going to make this hard on yourself or what?" He pushed me into my seat and put his knee on mine, forcing me down. 

"OW FUCK THAT HURTS" I screamed out and would you fucking believe it? He slapped me. Grabbing my face by my chin he forced me to look at him.

"Shut the fuck up. It'll hurt when I want you to hurt. It'll feel good when I want it to feel good. You're a fucking filthy whore. I see you in school all the time, with your fucking skirt," he pressed his knee into my lap, forcing me down and he tightened his grip on my mouth. I couldn't make a sound. Tears were coming out of my eyes, my head was vigorously shaking left to right. 

"Yeah right. I know what you get up to. Thank god Val left us here alone. Tonight, you're fucking getting it la cheebye," and with that, he took off  his with his free hand and straightened it out. Cocking his hide to the side, almost curiously, he let my mouth go for an instant and wrapped his tie around my mouth, all while I was struggling and trying to make some damn noise. 


I really want to do this story justice. It is 100% genuine and I want to get it as perfectly accurate as possible. Part Two will be up shortly. 

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