Saturday, 25 February 2012

It all started, when I was born.

So here goes the first chapter of my new life. I hope its good. J

Birds chirping. The first ray of sunlight hits the bed, and crisply wakes me up. The smell of fresh kway teow in the kitchen filtering through and pervading my nostrils, waking me up from my deep slumber. Yeah, right. Like all that was gonna happen.  What actually happened was this:
“OI, Get up, will you? You’re gonna miss your crush at school today!” came the annoyingly bitchy voice of my dad. I seriously cannot stand my dad at 6 in the morning, but on the whole I really do love him, I hope we get that clear. Anyway.  I tried to stay just a little bit longer in bed, and it was worth it. Last night, was really cool. I mean, it was 2 am, and I couldn’t stop thinking about that video I’d accidentally watched. I was on twitter, when I saw a link which seemed really interesting. One click later, I found myself staring at a sweaty bloke humping away at a blonde with gigantic breasts and the noise of her moaning screamed through the speakers for 20 seconds, before I realized what was happening and managed to hit the mute button. Luckily, no one else had heard it and woken up. The thing was though, I found myself glued to the laptop screen and without me noticing it, my nipples just hardened under my shirt, and somewhere between my legs, it just got all wet and soapy. Slowly, following the way that the guy on the screen was doing to the blonde, I lowered my hand to lap and slipped it between my panties. I normally sleep in one of my dad’s old t-shirts and a pair of panties and nothing else, because Singapore is so hot. However, none of my clothes had ever gotten this wet before. J
Slowly, simply and lovingly, I pulled off my panties and ran a finger across my inner thigh. OHHH! What a ncie tingly feeling it sent up my legs, and into my mind, making me all mushy and warm inside! It was simply lovely. Nothing else to describe it. As careful as a child probes an undiscovered hole in a box, I tentatively probed a finger into that forbidden orifice.
“Oh my god, why have I never done this before? Cheyenne, you stupid innocent bitch!” I cried out softly, and threw my head back in ecstasy. Faster and faster I went, but no matter how hard I tried, only my right index finger could go in. Soon, I was sitting on my bed, my laptop abandoned. My legs were spread out completely, my back was arched and my eyes were closed, my head thrown back . My finger was furiously circling and probing my unbelievably wet vagina. There were stains on my chair, and now on my bed, vaginal fluid was leaking out, and it was disgustingly erotic. And then it happened.
“OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, MY FUCKING GOD!” I cried, before remembering to lower my voice, when suddenly, waves of pure pleasure crashed into my little frame, and forced  my vagina to do something that I’d never done before: I wet my bed. But not in that way. This new feeling, of pleasure and later as I would find out, Orgasm, made me squirt gallons of soapy liquid on to my bed. I’m not a very thin girl, so this was rather messy. As my heart beat slowed down back to normal, I turned on the lights and discovered something silly.
I was drenched in sweat, my nipples were trying their hardest to bore a hole through my dad’s t-shirt,  my panties lay discarded on the floor, the blonde on the screen had just gotten a facial and was nearly drowning in semen, my blanket was drenched in my vaginal juices and I absolutely looked like a mess. But a hot mess at that. As I stood in front of the mirror, naked from waist down, I couldn’t believe it. My vagina was leaking juices, and it was copiously flowing down my legs, making a sticking mess. My nipples throbbed with desperation to be touched. I mean, I don’t have big tits or anything, and I’m one of the smaller chested ones in class, but still. Given my state of intoxication and lust, I slipped my dad’s t-shirt off, and stood there. My normally perky breasts were heaving now, and the nipples were screaming at me to make them feel good. Truth be told, I didn’t know what to do. Falling back into bed, I took hold of my right breast and started massaging it, rather sloppily. With my left hand, I started twisting and turning my left nipple. Oh boy! That was honestly the most refreshing feeling I’d ever had.
Twenty minutes in, and somehow the sheer energy I needed to do it all, and orgasm three times in a row, put me to sleep.
Which is where my dad comes in and wakes me up. L


  1. Great post! I masturbate to calm my raging hormones too... hahaha

  2. Nice .... i wish i was there to witnes u wet ur bed for the first time...