Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My fetishes scare me!

SO guys. school's been tiring. And I've desperately needed a holiday. :(

anyway. So much has happened. Where to begin.....

It was just a few nights ago, actually. I got a little bored. You know, promos and all that, so naturally, I got really disgusted with studying and decided to study something disgusting. (see what i did there ;) ) But really. Promos is such a bitch. So like there I am at home, alone, mugging away for Econs. And like I swear, nothing's going into my head. The words and numbers go for swims in my head. And after 3 hours of pounding away at that crap, I give up and decide to call it a night. Now normally, after studying and if no one is home, I play some 1D videos and dance along like a weirdo. DON'T LAUGH AT ME I HAVE A MAJOR CRUSH ON HARRY. -.- And since dad wasn't home tonight and mum was out of town, I was going to do the same... when. That vixen in my loins reared her head. And bear in mind guys and girls, its been nearly 4 months since I'd last truly played with myself. Oh god. I finally knew why guys had to masturbate so regularly. The urge just struck me with truly great force. Quickly, I brought my new laptop out and plugged it into the flat screen tv in the hall. I had a problem though. Since my last foray into the world of pornography, I'd developed a lust for a certain kind of porn.

Ten minutes of searching the web and I found it. The perfect video. A blonde girl, and 16 guys. SIXTEEN GUYS and she sucked them all off. Yup. I'd found my fetish. I adored the thought of one day, being forced to stay on my knees for half and hour, have a dozen guys with their thick, juicy cocks out, slapping me, twisting my nipples, grabbing my throat, shoving a nice juicy cock into my sweet, tiny mouth and face fucking me. And the best part? I even put on some mascara, and took a cucumber from the fridge to keep me company on the couch as that blonde starting gagging and tearing up as the guys pulled her hair, hard and forced her onto their cocks.

Guys, girls, you have NO idea how turned on I was at this point. I'd just found out that I have a fetish for being humiliated  And then, the guys pulled the blonde up turned her upside down and face fucked her for real. LIKE. ACTUAL THROAT FUCKING. OMG.

Anyway, gotta rush now, but I'll describe how that porn made me wetter than the Niagra Falls in the next post. Love yall!


  1. You know, this can become a reality, if you only ask.

  2. 91378210 message me or email me at thanks ;3