Friday, 12 October 2012

Niagara Falls, you can suck it.

So anyway, like I was saying. I seem to have found my deepest fetish of being humiliated and now... I`m telling you guys about it. HAHA. SO fast forwarding the porn and all that fingering on my couch I spent that night completely exhausted and I just collapsed in bed in a t-shirt and absolutely nothing else. Thank god my dad just knocked my door the next day and didn't come in then. `Cheyenne! UP! We're gonna have visitors, I want you up! Breakfast in half an hour!" Oh god.. Today was supposed to be my Saturday of rest and relexation and a LITTLE bit of mugging for Promos! I don't wanna have to smile at some stupid visitors. I let out a loud, low groan, and evidently, dad was still on the other side of the door, because at that groan he went, "Excuse me! I don't wanna have to get up on a Saturday and smile at some visitors, either, but too bad!" That's why I love my dad, because he knows me. I mean, he's taken care of me so much, he was there for me more than mum was. I love you daddy, and if you`re reading this, I honestly don`t know whether to smile or frown.


And then I realize I don`t even know who`s about to come over so I yell out, "DADDY! WHO`S COMING OVER?" "Oh its your cousins! Justin, Desiree and their parents!" SUDDENLY I WAS UP AND ALERT. Justin is one year older and Desiree is a year younger than me and the best part was that, I knew for a fact that Desiree was a bi, cuz she's had boyfriends and girlfriends. Justin's an absolute cutie AND NOW, I WA LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THEM. I had SUCH a wonderful time planned for them ;)

I'll tell you about it... soon.

In the mean time, keep the emails coming, I'm getting 2000 a week on average  its hard to reply to all! But keep them coming!


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