Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cousins aren't incest. I made sure of that. I think.

'Where are they, uncle?' I asked, just not being able to take it anymore.

"Oh they're on their way! Haha I'm not supposed to tell you, but they're buying you a little gift! That's why they're late!"

A present? Jesus! I don't need a present! I just need the two of them here! In fact, I should be giving them the present of me! Me and my... Little exhibition.

The hours fell and before long, my lovely cousins arrived. Desiree, well she's 16, a year younger, and she's got shoulder length dark brown hair. Of course, she had to dye it. Duh. She's chinese. Of course its dyed hair. She's around 165cm, so that's slightly taller than me. She's like, 41kg? Imagine that? And she's a solid B cup. ;) with her bigger-than-most-chinese eyes, her high cheekbones and what not, anyone could easily tell that she's part eurasian.

Justin is a different case. He's 19, and he's in poly. Temasek poly. Which course... Never you mind. He's got short and yet long hair, the kinda that he always decides to comb back. Gosh. The comb back hair is so sexy.

Anyway, it was pretty much time for dinner, and throughout all this time, I think I should tell you that Desiree was acting really weirdly around me. I don't know why, but she just was.

So at dinner, Desiree sat next to me, on my left and Justin, on my right. Time for some fun ;)

Letting my hand drop slightly, I placed it on Justin's left thigh. He didn't flinch or move away, but I could sense his body tightening up. It was all very subtle, but I could tell. Above the table, everything was normal. Under it, the fun was just starting.

I slowly started rubbing Justin's leg up and down, down to the knee and up as far to his crotch. He gave me looks, but nothing else. Slowly, I started sliding my hand into his inner thigh. An over-the-jeans cock rub ensued. And yet, through all this, we still made no noise above the table. Justin was so tensed up, tense by the thought of a 17 year old girl rubbing his inner thighs less than half a meter away from his parents. I started laughing along very happily to all the jokes everyone was making at the table, using my "uncontrollable laughter" as an excuse to throw myself onto Justin, giggling away madly. While all this was happeneing, my hand was furiously rubbing over Justin's crotch. I could feel him getting hard, the blood gushing from everywhere, the brain commanding the veins to redirect blood to flow to his pretty large, thick penis. 


  1. Absolutely love your story plot about your cousins. I already started imagining how the story would progress! Catch me on and we can communicate through email too:) love ya!